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Vorname : Daria
Wohnort: Russia, Chelyabinsk, Akademika Saharova 2-79
Land: Russland
Alter: 33
Körpergrösse: 169 cm.
Gewicht: 50 kg.
Augenfarbe: Graublau
Rauchen: Ich rauche nicht
Familienstand: Geschieden
Kinder: 1 Tochter
Bildung: Universität
Beruf: Psychologe
Sprachen: Russisch; Englisch ( schlecht )
Selbstdarstellung: Ich bin humorvoll, warmherzig und zärtlich. Ich mag Musik, Natur und Schwimmen. Hello! Thank you for visiting my profile. My name is Daria , I speak a little English. It helps me on traveling, which I really love. I like to discover new places, beautiful nature and meet amazing people. I adore singing, composing my own songs and playing musical instruments. Also I like to dance, ride a bike, roller skates, skiing, swimming and do other outdoor activities. I work with people with a great pleasure - I lead psychological training programs on various topics and help with the disclosure of the natural voice. I like to charge people with positive and inspiration! I will be glad to get acquainted and communicate.
Partnerwunsch: Mann 33-45 Jahre. Warmherzig und optimistisch. I will be glad to multiply happiness with a wise man. To do together something good and beautiful for people and for pleasure, for example, concerts, programs or something else - this is my dream... And to live in travelling for some time… I had this experience and really liked it.

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